Happy New Year!

Have you made resolutions?

I have the same resolutions I’ve had for the last few years, so are they resolutions if you make them every year? More time for creative pursuits, eat better, get more sleep, take time to stop and smell the flowers- those are the sort of things on my list. All the usual ones, but definitely worth reminding myself of again. For me the word “reminders” comes with allot less pressure, resolutions sound far too official and unattainable.  I think I’ll  add being more organized to the reminders list this year – once I find the darned thing!

Wishing you a happy, healthy and creative 2012!




  1. I do hope you find your reminders list. I have decided that my list will be intentions. Resolution always sounds far too formal and brings the guilt with it. Have a wonderful 2012.

    • oh I like that Maggi, intentions is the perfect word!
      I have been trying to settle on the best word to define my reminders/resolutions and you have put your finger on it!

  2. Catherine

    Happy New Year to you!
    Glad to see renovations are coming along ……….. your kitchen is fabulous XX

    Andrea (Droitwich)

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