it’s finished …well almost!

The renovations are finished, well….. almost finished. I spent the holiday break “moving” into my new kitchen and pantry, finding just the right place for everything.  There are 3 light fixtures yet to come, but I do have light. Right now there are light bulbs hanging from something the electrician called a “pigtail”, brings all sorts of things to mind doesn’t it!?  The fireplace mantle is being stained and finished and will probably take a few more weeks.  I still haven’t found towel bars and toilet roll holder for the bathroom ( it’s on the list) but that’s it!

So, here it is. I’m hoping you will hum sort of celebratory tune while you look at the images….

If you look in the top left corner of the image you can see the “pigtail” over the kitchen sink. It was a beautiful bright sunny minute (that’s all we have been getting lately) when I took this , please excuse the glare!

I love the tiles! The equally brilliant Mario and Danny were so patient installing these fiddly little things. They even let me play a bit with the loose tiles and the “goop” to get the line along the top edge just the way I wanted it.

Here they are up close, gorgeous aren’t they!?

And looking the other way, the long bookshelf is perfect for my cookbook collection. You can peek into the pantry to the right of the fridge. It all looks so clean and tidy right now with everything put away (which won’t last)  I am almost afraid to start cooking in it. It’s even a pleasure to do the dishes, wow,I never thought I would say that.  This is the view when you are standing at the sink, the shimmery brightest area right above the mysterious blue light is reflections on the water of Burrard Inlet.  It’s hard to imagine I looked right at a wall while doing the dishes in the old kitchen!

I have managed a bit of stitching this past week, but not much. I completed all the machine quilting on my Nests quilt which is going to take the award for the slowest quilt ever made. I have chosen the threads for the hand work  and decided on a plan.

So after I make dinner in my shiny new kitchen I’ll start on the hand quilting, a perfect evening.

Hoping 2012 is off to a great start for you.

Bye for now, Catherine






  1. It is wonderful — I just love it. What great tiles!!!!!!! Let’s set up
    a viewing when you catch your breath. Love, J.

  2. Fantastic kitchen and I love the tiles. Can’t imagine not having a view whilst washing up and yours is gorgeous. Beautiful threads for the nest quilt. Happy cooking.

  3. happy 2012 catherine!
    the kitchen looks like it will be a joy to use – nice work!
    the stone tiles definitely add a unique touch.
    i will be over for an inspection of the faucet!

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