a bit of this, a bit of that and steve…

And another week goes winging by! is it my imagination or do they go faster and faster every year. This past week has been filed with all sorts of different things. I know I promised to tell you about things before they happened but I haven’t come to grips with that “intention” yet…must try harder.

I am still entranced with my new kitchen and it has nothing to do with cooking, here’s another reason why.

This is sunrise ( yes, you heard me right – sunrise!) out my kitchen window. Almost worth getting up in time to see it, isn’t it?

This past week I gave a talk to the members of the Vancouver Guild of Fibre Artists. I told them how I develop my work in sketchbooks and shared with them both the sketchbooks and a few of the resulting pieces.

It was a fun evening with lots of questions  after my presentation. I like to think that’s a good sign, that they were paying attention. I got to join in on their regular meeting and the members show and tell which was all about sketchbooks! I really enjoyed seeing how they worked in their books and being able to share mine with them.

I got to spend a little extra time with some of the VGFA members on Saturday, at the Paper and Stitch workshop I gave. Everyone had a good time and despite starting the day with a snowstorm everyone made it safe and sound and on time to the workshop!

Things are slowly returning to a regular schedule after the holidays- life drawing sessions start-up again this week, yahoo! I did get a little drawing time in though with a small group who hired a private model. I plucked up my courage and  tried something I have been dreaming about/pondering on for a while. I have been wanting to draw directly to fabric during a drawing session in an attempt to capture the spontaneous nature of life drawing in a media I love to work with. I knew this would involve a long pose and a clear mind, one easier to arrange than the other. Last Wednesday night gave me the chance to give it a try…meet Steve.

I know this bit of fabric has a long way to go before it becomes anything – if it ever does, but I really enjoyed the process. The drawing is about 48 inches tall and drawn with Lithocoal direct to the fabric. The pose was about an hour and Steve patiently added a few more minutes for me to finish up. I know a section of his back is missing but I have great plans, actually I have a few scattered ideas circling my brain, if truth be known.

This week also brought the first proper snow to Vancouver! A bit late for a white Christmas but oh well… it hasn’t been too disruptive so far. Driving and getting around where I live is fine and it only takes about 30 minutes to shovel the walkways and stairs. It is so pretty when you don’t have to go anywhere!

So that was my week …how was yours?

Bye for now, Catherine





  1. Even I could get up at sunrise for views like that. What a wonderful array of sketchbooks. I bet everyone enjoyed browsing through those. That is a great drawing. With that size did you have to lay the fabric flat to draw or were you able to have it vertical?

  2. Hi Catherine, Did you see the life drawing work that Annabel’s been doing on her blog. She’s used free motion to quilt the drawing of the figure and has handled tricky foreshortening brilliantly. I thought you might be interested to see it if you’ve not been on her site in a while. Here’s the link: http://www.grumpyandmad.blogspot.com/
    Talk to you soon, Laura

  3. I also would get up at the crack of dawn to see that glorious sunrise – gorgeous! Your sketch on cloth is amazing. (I am still at stick people in my drawing abilities, so I really admire those who can draw life models.) I look forward to seeing what happens to Steve. Sounds like a movie title, eh?
    The snow has been pretty, but today was all frozen pellets. Not nearly as nice as the snow. Keep warm and have a wonderful weekend.

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