Salt Spring and back

What a wonderful weekend I’ve had, well wonderful in every way except the weather!

I spent this past weekend leading a workshop on Salt Spring Island, an absolutely beautiful place tucked between Vancouver Island and the mainland of BC. I traveled over on Friday afternoon, an easy journey compared to the trip home! Friday night was a trunk show and presentation of my work, Saturday and Sunday were spent with the students.

We had a wonderful well-lit room, with loads of space to spread out and get to work.

I had a great time working with the students and getting them started on their own designs. There was some amazing work created over the 2 days! Many, many thanks to Karen, Susan, Wendy, Rachel, Bobbie and all the gang at Stitches on Salt Spring for all their help, hospitality and organization.

Salt Spring Island is a beautiful place though I didn’t get to see it at it’s best. It was a cool and rainy weekend, perfect for a workshop but not so good for taking images of all that natural beauty. There were few picture-taking opportunities, but I can never resist stepping into the forest in search of interesting trees and moss,  you can see just how dark it was.

One of the best parts of spring is skunk cabbage (Lysichiton americanus  for those who understand the Latin names of plants) and since Salt Spring Island has an “earlier” spring than we do on the mainland, the skunk cabbage are just coming out.  They are truly one of my favorite things!

A few more days and a bit of sunshine will nudge these beauties into full bloom.

The weather really didn’t cooperate for me traveling back home to Vancouver , there was a major windstorm and many ferry sailings were canceled making my trip away a bit longer than expected.  Don’t let the calm water in these images fool you… this is the calm after the storm.

We were packed in like sardines once the ferry started running again, there were lots of weary travelers …me included.

Sometimes there really is no place like home!

Bye for now,Catherine





  1. What wonderful tree shapes and moss. The skunk cabbage isn’t out on Whidbey Island yet – a few snow flurries this morning – but you’ve reminded me to photograph them this year when they do appear.

    • Hi Maggi,
      Thanks for your comment! it would be an amazing space with only one little (or rather two very large) problems! What the image doesn’t show are the huge open doors at each end of the ferry and the freezing cold wind that runs the entire length of the boat. My image makes it all look quite cozy and warm, which must be a trick of the lighting, it’s actually incredibly cold. Other than picture taking I rarely leave the car!

  2. I am glad Saltspring went so well. I really love the photo of the
    trees with the skunk cbbage. See you soon, Joan

  3. Yes, in Japan Haname was the time when everyone spread a tarp on the ground under the Cherry Blossom trees, drank Sake and soaked in the beauty of the Cherry Blossoms.

    • It sounds wonderful Marj,
      I’ve never had sake but lying under the cherry blossoms might be the perfect place to try it!
      Thanks for letting me know the translation is correct.

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