There’s been progress all round this last little while…

Progress finishing the very last little details of my renovation, the last 3 light fixtures are up in the kitchen and my amazing sink is installed! It sits on the counter in a hallway between the kitchen and eating area  so I get to see it all the time on my way back and forth through the house.

Beautiful isn’t it? Elizabeth Harris made it for me and has done a brilliant job of it! There  are quotations circling the drain, all sorts of quotes and thoughts on the good, bad and humorous aspects of drinking. It was good fun scouring the Bartlett’s and Oxford dictionaries for suitable quotations and a hard task to narrow it down to the ones in the sink.

Back to progress… I’ve been working on my cherry blossom quilt and it’s coming along well, the drawing is almost done, just a little bit more to go. It even has a name now, the quilt is called “Hanami”. Hanami literally translated ( or so I have been told) means “flower viewing” I thought it sounded just right for this piece.

Here’s a little detail so you can see what’s happening…

Just for a change of pace I headed up to Whistler on Friday to attend the opening of The White Dog Studio Gallery a number artists I know and admire are exhibiting there.

The gallery is beautiful with lots of light and open space. There is second floor opening out onto the main floor, the whole space is very inspiring.

and it was a great evening for a beautiful drive…

there’s even progress on the weather front around here. It’s been a very spring like weekend, here’s hoping it lasts.

Have a great week,

Bye for now, Catherine




  1. Hi Catherine,

    Hanami is gorgeous – very much you and our anticipation for Spring. Do I see eyes viewing your flowers in the upper left? or is it just my unconscious mind playing with your title?

    Jennifer Cooper

    • Hmm m, not sure about the eyes Jennifer, I didn’t put any there but it’s a great idea!
      maybe I’ll tuck a few in the quilting.
      Thanks for your comment!

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