cherry blossoms, cherries and magnolias….

And another busy week goes sailing past.  This week was the opening of the Cherry Blossom exhibition  at the Silk Purse Gallery and we did have fun. Many thanks to the committee for putting on a wonderful evening, we shared sushi, cherry tea all the way from Japan and stories about our work with the visitors and other artists.

It was packed!

We got another chance to celebrate this weekend at the gallery. The exhibition committee arranged for demo’s in the afternoon and Jennifer and I pulled the Sunday shift.

Jennifer demonstrated the Pojagi technique and I did a bit of drawing on fabric but we didn’t get a lot of work done, there were so many visitors full of interesting questions, we had a great time.

It seemed a natural to draw cherries at the cherry blossom festival.  Here is  Hanami finished and hanging…the light in the gallery is wonderful I am going to go back and get some images of the quilt on its own.

Work in the garden continues, thanks to Steve and Nick… they dug out the back garden this Saturday…wow, what a change . It’s not pretty right now but it is a clean slate. Some of the plants from the back garden came into the new bed at the front under the magnolia tree.

So it’s not quite as bare under the tree as it looks in the picture above, but there’s more to come. Progress on all things is slow but steady.

Bye for now, Catherine




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