the no sunshine Sunshine Coast…

I’ve been away teaching on the Sunshine Coast just north of Vancouver and for once the Sunshine Coast did not live up to its name. I am amazed that almost all the time ,when you get off the ferry at Langdale, the sun comes out. There can be teaming rain in Vancouver and it will be sunny  45 minutes away on the Sunshine Coast. But not this time, unless you count liquid sunshine!

I was visiting the Sunshine Coast Quilters Guild and their hospitality more than made up for the weather. I had the pleasure of leading a 2 day workshop and really enjoyed watching the students work appear before my eyes!

After an introduction to a few techniques the students developed their own projects…

I had a great time in the workshop and once inside we didn’t even notice the weather. Apparently it was sunny for about 4 hours in the middle of one of the days and we missed it!

One of the best things about traveling around the province are the amazing sights you see! I had to stop and double back to get images of this , but it was just too good to pass up -notice the rain on the windshield!

..amazing isn’t it? and even better close up

Oh the things you see….

Bye for now, Catherine




  1. Just put my computer on and there you were ” 7 mins” ago.
    Great pics of your workshops. Be in touch when you can
    breathe !!!!!!!!!! Take care, Joan

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