on the move…

Well to be honest, moved!

I’ve been a very quiet blogger, but there has been loads going on. I’ve moved! Yup, Ned and I have left the city and headed for a bit of country living…can you hear the theme of that old TV show Green Acres in your head ? (now that’s showing my age!)

I’ve left behind what was almost the perfect studio in the city and am now in the midst of creating the perfect studio, or as close as I can get. This one will be a bit smaller but a whole lot warmer in winter and cooler in summer…which will be wonderful!


The old studio sure looked bigger when it was empty, which beats the back of the car, it hasn’t been empty for a month or more.


There isn’t much to show of the new studio yet, but I will send along updates as things progress. Inside the house there’s a generalised state of chaos …walls being painted, doors being replaced and countertops being changed. When things get a bit too crazy inside, Ned and I sneak off to our new favourite walk.


Or stop to chat with one of the frequent visitors that drop by our new home.


I have been getting a bit of work done, perched on a stool at the kitchen island. It’s a great way to cook dinner and stitch at the same time but not so good for the “sitting bones”. Note the plaster filler beside the stove, I’m not sure if it’s food safe!?


The piece I was working on was juried into a show called “A Gathering” which opened at FibreWorks Gallery in Madeira Park on the 10th of October and runs till the end of the month. I’ll be at the  “Meet the artists” reception this Saturday, October 15 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. if you’re in the neighbourhood.

A Gathering poster 2 copy.jpg

The garden here is one of the big reasons for moving, a chance to really get my hands dirty …or dirtier. There is some established garden that needs a little love and attention (actually, a lot of love and attention!)  and there are the most amazing raspberry canes. Still producing berries in October, not many mind you, but delicious.


Hope that all is well with you, wherever you are! I know Ive been an intermitent blogger at best, but if you would like to keep closer tabs on me I’m on Instagram …ravensthread is where you’ll find me. And there’s a few pics of Ned as well- of course!


Bye for now, Catherine



  1. Wiishing you all the best, Catherine, in your new location! Looks and sounds
    fabulous. 😀😀😀Marg Kurys on the Sunshine Coast

  2. Hi Catherine, congratulations and best wishes to you and Ned on your exciting move to your new home and studio. I can see by your photos that it is a very beautiful place and area. And best wishes, too, on your work that was juried into the show. I’ll be looking forward to hearing and seeing more from you as time goes on. Suzanne

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