it’s finished!

whew! that took a bit….actually, it didn’t take that long time wise but I’ve been like a kid waiting for Christmas …it just couldn’t  happen fast enough.

My new studio is finished! we’ve gone from this…..img_3726

to this….


then this….


and a little of this…

and now it looks like this!!!


I’ve had the most amazing help getting all this together and thankfully there’s been lots of this along the way.


It’s good to be home.

Bye for now, Catherine ( and Ned)



  1. You’ve done so well and I think you might have enjoyed it a bit as well! Wishing you a creative year ahead xx

    Sent from my iPad

    • you’re right Ine- I did enjoy it! I love the challenge of making everything fit..or trying to get everything to fit. It’s kind of like a big jigsaw puzzle.
      Happy Holidays to you an all the family

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