Happy New Year

So much has happened this year….some good and some not so much, some exciting and some just plain scary.

I’m looking ahead, setting out my “intentions” and hopes for the next year with my fingers crossed for a peaceful and creative  2017.

Wishing you a safe and happy New Year, Catherine and Ned




  1. Happy New Year to you and Ned Catherine. How lovely to see your wonderful new studio and to know you are back living beside the sea. Have a wonderfully creative year. lots of love Marjory xxx

  2. And all that’s good in the year to come!

    So glad to see your studio is now ready for use. You are going to be having fun getting things in “working” order. Joy! Joy! Joy! Know you will be so inspired in your new surroundings. Hopefully this weather is manageable for you.

    Th. e weather here is snowy, about ten inches, but it’s dry soft stuff, easy to handle. It helps that we have a bachelor next door who keeps our driveway cleared, and the city keeps the roads well cleared. Lyn ha was found getting around easy, roads dry in most areas.

    We finished the chasuble, not ready for Christmas, but Beth will be able to wear it Sunday. It will be interesting to see how it hangs. Thanks for all your help with the design, Lyn did a fabulous job with the embellishments, I just did the sewing and made a few butterflies. Don’t know what the church rules are on bling are but Beth really wanted bling and she sure has it on this chasuble.

    Got a good dose of Arty stuff with the work on the vestments, but thanks for the help. Just knowing you are there and will “talk” to me means so much, Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now I have Christmas gifts over, a set of much needed place mats done, I have to concentrate on three quilts for the Heritage group show in June. Have the Gypsy Wife in four pieces ready to quilt, an 1800’s medallion quilt that needs a couple more borders, then sent to be quilted by check. One more to design, has to be on a woman or women who contributed to the war effort, WW1 or 11, I have chosen to make a quilt like the ones hundreds of woman worked on and sent overseas to those in need . Have some ideas percolating, it will be simple and scrappy. Have to have photos ready ( tops only, if that’s as far as you are) by end of April. Finished with descriptions by June.

    Not going to stress out on this, have a couple of fun things to do. My word for this year is Relax, have an idea which should be fun. Will let you know.

    Hope you had a glass of wine beside you as you read this, sorry to be so long winded. Sending lots of love and a Hug too, Edna.

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  3. Happy New Year Catherine – I know that your new home, studio and surroundings are going to be an enormous inspiration to you in the coming year. We have just spent Christmas in Calgary with the family, it was very special and an added bonus was a White Christmas! Back in the UK now and setting up some projects for the year ahead. May see you at FoQ in August or even on the Sunshine Coast later in the year. Still thinking where we will go and when on our next visit to Canada.
    Meanwhile have a happy, healthy and peaceful 2017
    Love Jenny

  4. hello Love from the slowest 0f all your many admirerers !!!!.
    i can hardly wait to see your place it sounds so lovely/. Had a very good time in Edmonton.It a joy to see how they all enjoy the winter’. From Nancy;s place I could watch kids sliding on the hill/ skating, and enjoying 3 great bonfires. Hope that you are in Vancr. soon but Valentine greetings are on their way shortly.

    lots of pats to Ned and hugs t0 you. Happy New
    year Joan

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