getting going….

I’m not quite sure where January disappeared to..last time I looked it was New Years and I had all month in front of me to hibernate. I feel like I’m waking up from a long winters nap.

I have been doing a few things…the latest quilt in my bird series is done. It’s puffins this time and they have already made the flight to the UK in preparation for their debut in April at the Bramble Patch.


I had a lot of fun with this one,  I usually just feature one bird in a piece but couldn’t resist an “improbability of puffins”.

I’ve done a little ice dyeing  and had some interesting results. There was more than enough frozen “supplies” in the early part of the month! I like some of them…some not so much.



and I’ve been getting samples and information ready for the Mettler Play Days coming in the spring ..this year we are Branching Out and working with loads of colour .


I’ve been walking on the beach..a lot!  in all kinds of weather – the next 2 images are taken at the same spot on two very different days, both beautiful in their own way.


Those shiny grey blobs in the image below are otters! they didn’t get much closer to Ned and I so it’s not the best picture  but it’s so nice to see them rolling around in the surf. I end up sitting on the rocks and watching for ages.


I’ve been finding some wonderful sea glass treasures as well.


and of course we’ve been doing some hibernating, all that walking on the beach can be exhausting.


Bye for now, Catherine ( and Ned)



  1. How wonderful the puffins are . It’s going to be great to see them. Are they for a show? Which bird is next? Thanks so much for your post, it has made my lunch break special. Edna.

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  2. Thanks Edna, nope the puffins aren’t for a show- they are a workshop piece. I haven’t thought about the next bird but am leaning towards a more southern Canadian bird- maybe chickadee’s? hope it was a good lunch!

  3. I love those puffins and of course, Ned snoozing probably after a busy day. Like Edna, I’m looking forward to seeing the puffins.

  4. Aren’t those puffins delightful! Love the little one in the air. Ned looks very cozy – dogs do know how to enjoy a warm blanket and a nap. We should all practice our napping skills. Catherine, i am hoping that we will see this in October. Enjoy your class in the UK. Hello Edna and Suzanne!

  5. Those puffins are purely delightful, Catherine. Hope you have plans to stay inside and stitch while the snow falls!

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